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1 ABDALLAH A ZAHORO M S4768/0018/2016 BAED Confirmed
2 ABEL Z MAKALANGA M S2245/0091/2016 BAED Confirmed
3 ABISAI   JASSON M S3824/0011/2016 BAED Confirmed
4 ADELICK S KATO M S1877/0110/2015 BAED Confirmed
5 ADRIA RICHARD LEODGARD F S2837/0001/2012 BAED Confirmed
6 AGATHA HHANDO BURA F S2914/0002/2016 BAED Confirmed
7 ALI MESHAKI ALI M S4306/0002/2013 BAED Confirmed
8 AMON MBOYELWA ACHILEUS M S3292/0016/2016 BAED Confirmed
9 ANASTAZIA NEREY MARANDU F S0485/0011/2016 BAED Confirmed
10 ANASTAZIA GEORGE CHANDO F S0447/0007/2016 BAED Confirmed
11 ANGELA JOSEPH MWANGUPILI F S2680/0001/2014 BAED Confirmed
12 ANIPHA WILLE KASULE F S5256/0002/2016 BAED Confirmed
13 ANNA P BILOS F S1230/0005/2016 BAED Confirmed
14 ANNA FELICIANI BAHEBE F S3280/0012/2016 BAED Confirmed
15 ANTRICIA A NICKSON F S0304/0010/2016 BAED Confirmed
16 ASHA ABDULRAHMANI MOHAMEDI F S2476/0025/2016 BAED Confirmed
17 ASHURA SWALEHE ATHUMANI F S4919/0001/2016 BAED Confirmed
18 AUGUSTINO NICODEMUS MTEI M S4906/0021/2016 BAED Confirmed
19 BEATRICE NG'OJA DONATH F S2842/0005/2014 BAED Confirmed
20 BEATRICE ROGATH KIRIA F S1147/0030/2015 BAED Confirmed
21 BONIPHACE SHEDRACK WILLIAM M S1813/0029/2016 BAED Confirmed
22 CHRISTOPHA GEORGE NONAY M S1258/0026/2014 BAED Confirmed
23 CLEMENT DAUDI SHABAN M S0492/0039/2016 BAED Confirmed
24 DAFROZA H FABIANI F S2768/0042/2016 BAED Confirmed
25 DENIS W URIO M S1229/0048/2016 BAED Confirmed
26 DICKISON M SAMSON M S3711/0025/2016 BAED Confirmed
27 DORA A KIMONGA F S2355/0004/2015 BAED Confirmed
28 DORICE J MUNISHI F S2360/0019/2016 BAED Confirmed
29 EDINAH DAUD NDONGO F S3886/0004/2016 BAED Confirmed
30 EDSON LIMBUKO ANDREA M S1458/0021/2016 BAED Confirmed
31 ELIHURUMA   ELIBARIKI M P3882/0021/2017 BAED Confirmed
32 ELISANTE ZACHARIA ELISANTE M P1266/0078/2014 BAED Confirmed
33 ELIZABETH EVARIST MATERU F S3858/0001/2016 BAED Confirmed
34 ELIZABETH F KITUNDU F S0278/0023/2016 BAED Confirmed
35 ELIZABETH JOHN KISINZA F S3545/0008/2016 BAED Confirmed
36 EMANUEL RYOBA WEGESA M S2307/0038/2016 BAED Confirmed
37 EMMANUEL   KAZIMOTO M S1269/0035/2016 BAED Confirmed
38 ERICK YUDA MSEMO M S0486/0040/2016 BAED Confirmed
39 ESTER EMILY LENJE F S0285/0035/2016 BAED Confirmed
41 FANIKIWA A MBUBA M S2503/0051/2014 BAED Confirmed
42 FELISTER ALMAS CHARLES F S3280/0036/2016 BAED Confirmed
43 FESTO DADILI CHITU M S1502/0069/2016 BAED Confirmed
44 FRANAEL   PAUL M S1548/0021/2007 BAED Confirmed
45 FRANK E. NNKO M P0539/0047/2016 BAED Confirmed
46 GEMA DONATH MUSHI F S0485/0068/2016 BAED Confirmed
47 GEORGE JOSEPH MWACHA M S0466/0017/2016 BAED Confirmed
48 GERALD   MBOJE M S0305/0105/1990 BAED Confirmed
49 GESSO N TLUWAY M S3336/0010/2016 BAED Confirmed
51 GLORY ISRAEL PARSALAW F S0308/0022/2016 BAED Confirmed
52 GODELIVA M LAMECK F S3300/0011/2016 BAED Confirmed
53 GODFREY F KISAMBALE M S0107/0046/2016 BAED Confirmed
54 GRACE   CUTHBERT F S1609/0013/2014 BAED Confirmed
55 GRACE JOSEPH DAVID F S2119/0025/2016 BAED Confirmed
56 HAMADI JUMA JUMANNE M S2201/0036/2013 BAED Confirmed
57 HAPPY R MSOMBA F S1882/0024/2016 BAED Confirmed
58 HERIETH CHESCO MADEMBWE F S4031/0009/2014 BAED Confirmed
59 HOGLA YUSUPH KISAPI F S1731/0021/2015 BAED Confirmed
60 IBRAHIM A HUSSEIN M P0928/0007/2017 BAED Confirmed
61 IDFONCE WILLIAM MWASHADEMA M P3601/0041/2016 BAED Confirmed
62 IKU NELSON AFASI M S0682/0131/2016 BAED Confirmed
63 IMAN SHOMA KIBI M S0974/0052/2016 BAED Confirmed
64 IRENE COSTANTINE JOSEPH F S0250/0028/2016 BAED Confirmed
65 IRINE FRANCIS MWENGE F S0386/0045/2016 BAED Confirmed
66 ISACK   DOTTO M S3256/0070/2014 BAED Confirmed
67 JAMILA   ABBAS F S5180/0009/2016 BAED Confirmed
68 JANETH KAANAEL KAAYA F S0646/0022/2014 BAED Confirmed
69 JOACHIM ERASSY MGASIRE M S1333/0048/2016 BAED Confirmed
70 JONATHAN REUBEN JONATHAN M S0363/0098/2016 BAED Confirmed
71 JOSEPHAT SHAURI DEENG'W M P0533/0115/2017 BAED Confirmed
72 JULIAS MELIYO KOSIANGA M S2882/0147/2015 BAED Confirmed
73 JULIUS MALIMI JILALA M S2192/0060/2016 BAED Confirmed
74 JUMA M ELANGWA M S1108/0059/2009 BAED Confirmed
75 JUSTA   DIOCLES F S3239/0041/2016 BAED Confirmed
76 KABISI JOHN KABISI M S3153/0061/2016 BAED Confirmed
77 KALISTA DONATUS MLIGO F S1409/0027/2016 BAED Confirmed
78 KASIANO M MIZENGO M P1622/0069/2017 BAED Confirmed
79 KELVA MODEST MZUMBWE F S3885/0048/2016 BAED Confirmed
80 LAHEL   JONAS F P4831/0012/2013 BAED Confirmed
82 LUCAS MATHAYO LUOGA M S5188/0011/2016 BAED Confirmed
83 MADINA Y ABDI F S4271/0007/2016 BAED Confirmed
84 MAJALIWA JASTINE KIKWETE M S3147/0040/2016 BAED Confirmed
85 MARIAM M MRUTU F S1422/0028/2007 BAED Confirmed
86 MARIAM SALUMU DAUDA F S4379/0039/2016 BAED Confirmed
87 MARIAMU ADAM ALLY F S1853/0035/2015 BAED Confirmed
88 MARTIN   MALUKA M P0404/0067/2017 BAED Confirmed
89 MASUMBUKO K RICHARD M S1664/0047/2016 BAED Confirmed
90 MATINA SALAGE FUMBUKA M S3152/0029/2016 BAED Confirmed
91 MENGWA SIPI MGEMA F S2985/0007/2016 BAED Confirmed
92 MICHAEL BASIL SULLE M S2261/0030/2016 BAED Confirmed
93 MOHAMED M ALI M P2673/0103/2013 BAED Confirmed
94 MORIS B ANTHONY M S4489/0023/2016 BAED Confirmed
95 MWANAHAMISI IDD RAMADHANI F S2175/0021/2016 BAED Confirmed
96 MWANAIDI   NASSORO F S3064/0035/2015 BAED Confirmed
97 NAITOVUAKI Z MOLLEL F S0679/0029/2007 BAED Confirmed
98 NAOMI PASKAL MASUNGWA F P2517/0314/2015 BAED Confirmed
99 NAOMI   RAPHAEL F S0246/0038/2016 BAED Confirmed
100 NDEBILE   MTONI M S0144/0137/2008 BAED Confirmed
101 NEEMA   KYANDO F S0681/0028/2003 BAED Confirmed
102 NELSON   PHINEAS M S0637/0107/2016 BAED Confirmed
103 OCTAVIAN CLAUDIO ZONGWE M S3490/0151/2016 BAED Confirmed
104 PANKRASIUS GABRIEL PHILIPO M P0533/0118/2015 BAED Confirmed
105 PASCHAL   PAUL M S1115/0123/2009 BAED Confirmed
106 PASKALINA GABRIEL LOHAY F S2261/0011/2016 BAED Confirmed
107 PASKALINA SAMWELI SULLE F P5443/0016/2016 BAED Confirmed
108 PAUL STEPHANO SILVESTER M S3609/0034/2016 BAED Confirmed
109 PAUL LAZARO TANGO M S2433/0136/2011 BAED Confirmed
110 PAULO CORNEL GADIYE M S0874/0140/2014 BAED Confirmed
111 PENDO   KAMAKA F P4348/0050/2016 BAED Confirmed
112 PHILIMON GOLANI ZAKARIA M S1960/0038/2016 BAED Confirmed
113 RAHELI   DANIELI F P4720/0033/2017 BAED Confirmed
114 RAHMAN MUSSA MADAMBA M S0153/0050/2013 BAED Confirmed
115 REGINA M MASHINYARI F S2661/0030/2016 BAED Confirmed
116 REVINA   VENANCE F P0333/0098/2016 BAED Confirmed
117 ROGATH KAONEKA HASSANI M S2944/0079/2016 BAED Confirmed
118 ROMANA S TANGO F P4351/0163/2017 BAED Confirmed
119 RUTH G NASSARI F S1098/0019/2006 BAED Confirmed
120 SADAMU BAKARI CHODO M S1101/0055/2016 BAED Confirmed
121 SADIKIEL SAMORA BAYYO M P5443/0024/2017 BAED Confirmed
122 SAIDI ABDALA SALIMU M S4774/0030/2016 BAED Confirmed
123 SAIMON W MCHOME M S1330/0081/2014 BAED Confirmed
124 SALUMU   MOHAMED M P1619/0107/2016 BAED Confirmed
125 SARAH   BOYOKA F S0473/0057/2013 BAED Confirmed
126 SAUMU OMARY NTANDU F S1181/0049/2016 BAED Confirmed
127 SCHOLASTICA ERNEST SANGA F P1355/0033/2016 BAED Confirmed
128 SEBASTIA JACOB TSEA F P4351/0173/2017 BAED Confirmed
129 SECILIA AKIM SANGA F S3878/0027/2016 BAED Confirmed
130 SHUKURU MAKELELE HAMIS M S3015/0027/2015 BAED Confirmed
131 SINYATI SAING'ORIE MEVOROO F S0949/0139/2016 BAED Confirmed
132 STEVEN D KIMWELI M P2517/0963/2017 BAED Confirmed
133 THERESIA C MOSHIRO F S0716/0008/2005 BAED Confirmed
134 UDAMEGASA QAMBAY LABAI F S2820/0053/2016 BAED Confirmed
135 UPENDO J MELEJAKI F P4014/0073/2015 BAED Confirmed
136 VICENT VICENT EDWARD M S3508/0079/2016 BAED Confirmed
137 VICTORIA WILSON KESSY F S0356/0080/2016 BAED Confirmed
138 WILSON PETER WAMBA M P0863/0014/2016 BAED Confirmed
139 WITNESS   FRANCIS F P0946/0010/2015 BAED Confirmed
140 YASINTA RENATUS CHAYI F S5066/0021/2016 BAED Confirmed
141 YESSE   ELPHAS M P0242/0034/2016 BAED Confirmed
142 YUSRIA   SULEIMAN F P5149/0036/2016 BAED Confirmed
143 YUSUFU JUNI SANGA M S2827/0046/2015 BAED Confirmed
144 YUSUPH Z OMENDA M S4168/0029/2014 BAED Confirmed
145 ZAKATI ZAMIRU IBRAHIMU F S1538/0033/2016 BAED Confirmed
146 ZAKAYO DAUDI SAMAYTU M P5443/0056/2016 BAED Confirmed
1 ELIBARIKI ELIOTH MBILINYI M S2827/0022/2014 BD Confirmed
2 EMMANUEL LAMEKI KYANDO M P2925/0085/2012 BD Confirmed
3 HASSAN   HAJI M S1253/0101/2013 BD Confirmed
4 MICHAEL AYOUB MHINA M P0310/0017/2015 BD Confirmed
1 AMINA N LWABI F S1146/0001/2016 BED Confirmed
2 ANGELA ALOYCE MBILINYI F S1409/0004/2016 BED Confirmed
3 ANGELINA N MASANJA F S1536/0004/2015 BED Confirmed
4 BAHATI SAMORI JOSEPH F S4062/0006/2014 BED Confirmed
5 BENJAMIN PETER MWITA M S4819/0024/2016 BED Confirmed
6 CATHERINE   MANASE F S0212/0023/2004 BED Confirmed
7 CHARLES RICHARD SHAHANGA M S1211/0069/2016 BED Confirmed
8 DANIEL SAMWEL DAHAYE M P5443/0012/2017 BED Confirmed
9 DAUD PHYNIAS NDENGO M S1395/0043/2012 BED Confirmed
10 DIDAS G OLOMY M S0897/0015/2015 BED Confirmed
11 ELIAS LUGOYE NDAFALA M S2791/0035/2015 BED Confirmed
12 ELIENA PETER MNZAVA M S3249/0044/2015 BED Confirmed
13 ELIHURUMA   ALAIS M S3948/0116/2012 BED Confirmed
14 EMANUEL MUCHUNO TLUWAY M S2822/0087/2011 BED Confirmed
15 EMANUEL A MREMI M S4318/0056/2017 BED Confirmed
16 EMMANUEL   KULWA M P1213/0103/2015 BED Confirmed
17 EMMANUEL   WILLIAM M P0938/0411/2015 BED Confirmed
18 EZEKIEL L SIMTENDA M S4786/0035/2016 BED Confirmed
19 HAPPY   KULULINDA F S0213/0023/1995 BED Confirmed
20 HASSANI NASSORO JUMA M S4663/0077/2016 BED Confirmed
21 HERIETH JULIUS MASAGANYA F S3877/0031/2015 BED Confirmed
22 HERMAN GURGO LABU M S3473/0026/2016 BED Confirmed
23 JENITA D WEMA F S3403/0009/2014 BED Confirmed
24 JOELI   SAMWELI M S0125/0078/1995 BED Confirmed
25 JOSHUA ZAKAYO LAIZER M P4689/0132/2017 BED Confirmed
26 JOYCE ONESMO MUNISI F S3312/0016/2016 BED Confirmed
27 JUMA S MBWESU M S0952/0162/2016 BED Confirmed
28 LUCAS P BEYA M S0108/0109/2004 BED Confirmed
29 LUCIA NOA NJOKA F S0250/0044/2016 BED Confirmed
30 LUDIGA L PANGA M P5527/0073/2017 BED Confirmed
31 LUKAS S MOLLEL M P1198/0074/2016 BED Confirmed
32 MAIMUNA M MTWANGA F S3223/0090/2015 BED Confirmed
33 MARIAM M KISOME F S4318/0023/2017 BED Confirmed
34 MARTHA NAKOMOLWA YESAYA F S0940/0011/2016 BED Confirmed
35 MARY   JOHN F S2244/0043/2014 BED Confirmed
36 MUSSA   PAUL M S1096/0022/2014 BED Confirmed
37 NAANJELA BERNAD MRINDOKO F S1056/0016/2013 BED Confirmed
38 NAOMI M HAIGARU F S3701/0025/2016 BED Confirmed
39 OLESTER   NGEMELA F S0232/0058/2016 BED Confirmed
40 PAULINE J MARIMBO F S0372/0043/2008 BED Confirmed
41 RADEGUNDA   MWASI F P0548/0035/2006 BED Confirmed
42 RAMADHANI   DASTAN M S5044/0039/2015 BED Confirmed
43 RASHID S MLONGOLA M S1643/0056/2016 BED Confirmed
44 RAYMOND M BRYSON M S3134/0243/2012 BED Confirmed
45 REBECA B MASANGA F S1292/0037/2015 BED Confirmed
46 RHODA G GWEBA F S0811/0075/2009 BED Confirmed
47 ROMANI L ARRA M S4507/0037/2016 BED Confirmed
48 ROSEMERY   COSTANTINE F S1948/0017/2014 BED Confirmed
49 RUKIUS   ADRIAN M S0473/0189/2016 BED Confirmed
50 SALIMA   SHABAN F S0533/0034/2001 BED Confirmed
51 SAMWEL J NGODA M S2809/0079/2016 BED Confirmed
52 SHABANI MUSHI EVEN M S4865/0026/2015 BED Confirmed
53 SHELLA A LIHEMBE F S4322/0032/2016 BED Confirmed
54 SIKUJUA MGANGA SHUKURU M S5066/0047/2016 BED Confirmed
55 SITY B MUNISI F P0578/0040/2016 BED Confirmed
56 STEPHEN N NGABHAGAH M S3816/0051/2016 BED Confirmed
57 STEVEN SAMWEL MAJUKANO M P0333/0451/2017 BED Confirmed
58 UDAGHWENGA J SINDA F P1211/0101/2011 BED Confirmed
59 VICENT B RIWA M S0302/0372/2014 BED Confirmed
60 VICTORIA SOSTHENES BRUNO F S4601/0081/2016 BED Confirmed
61 WINIFRIDA MARCELY ALEX F S1042/0073/2015 BED Confirmed
62 YAEL NUHU MATHAYO F P0368/0082/2017 BED Confirmed
63 YEMIMA HAMISI KASSIAN F S4523/0025/2016 BED Confirmed
64 YUSUPH   BRAYSON M S4848/0101/2014 BED Confirmed
65 ZAKIA A BAKARI F S0681/0072/2016 BED Confirmed
66 ZENA I SHABANI F S2150/0007/2016 BED Confirmed
1 ELIZABETH   MATHIAS F S1049/0004/2014 BEDMAT Confirmed
2 FRANK GODFREY FAIDA M S2867/0118/2015 BEDMAT Confirmed
3 PASCHAL J HONGOA M S0135/0156/2014 BEDMAT Confirmed
1 ALLY A KAJUTI M S3587/0053/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
2 AVILA S ANANIA'S F S1619/0007/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
3 BARAKA   EMMANUEL M S0817/0011/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
4 BIBIANA BOAY ISAAY F P5527/0005/2017 BEDPE Confirmed
5 BONIFACE RENATUS MAGAI M S3702/0085/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
6 BRASTUS Z KABENDE M S1312/0055/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
7 DANIEL   TELEMLA M S2215/0010/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
8 DAUDI   MAYENGA M S2107/0027/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
9 DIANA ELIKOMBOA NKYA F S1386/0004/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
10 DOMITILA   SAMLONGO F S0219/0024/1991 BEDPE Confirmed
11 EDWARD J MLULU M S0972/0010/2002 BEDPE Confirmed
12 ELIA JOSIAH KIGUKURA M S2287/0060/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
13 ERICK ALPHA RAZARO M S4020/0049/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
14 EUNICE   ELIAS F S1585/0018/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
15 EUSEBIA THOMAS YUSTINI F P1266/0024/2017 BEDPE Confirmed
16 EVINA E KYANDO F S0490/0037/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
17 FADHA M KISINDE M S3221/0226/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
18 GEORGE ELLY KITAPONDA M S2679/0019/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
19 GERVAS ISAYA JEREMIA M S3877/0080/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
20 GODBLESS E MBISE M S1268/0127/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
21 GREYSON AYUBU JACOB M S3869/0029/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
22 HAPPINESS EZEKIEL KIMARO F S2257/0054/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
23 HAWA A ISSA F S3402/0017/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
24 IVENARY   BALELE M S1723/0021/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
25 JACKLINI F SADALA F S0547/0039/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
26 JAPHET   KATUNZI M S0101/0191/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
27 JOSEPH B ZACHARIAH M S4993/0153/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
28 LEAH JACOB KIHERERE F S4320/0014/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
29 LIGHTNES MOSES KITOI F S0419/0012/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
30 LUCIA PAUL MWASONGWE F P1614/0029/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
31 MAIKO MISHECK HASUNGA M S1696/0110/2011 BEDPE Confirmed
32 MALIKIA MESHACK BAKARI F S1196/0032/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
33 MARITA   MZUMBWE F S1008/0032/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
34 MAYASA ABEDI FERUZI F S4762/0004/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
35 NEEMA   LONGOI F P0364/0012/2017 BEDPE Confirmed
36 PASCHAL   MUNGO M S2011/0059/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
37 PATRICK E PONERA M S3931/0082/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
38 PHINIAS   JOSHUA M S0482/0070/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
39 SHABANI NASSORO MKOMBOZI M S0128/0061/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
40 STELLA J MOSHI F S0201/0165/2000 BEDPE Confirmed
41 TEUDA   JOHANES F S0744/0033/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
42 THEODOSIA   GADIYE F S0369/0055/1988 BEDPE Confirmed
43 TSHYNTU HASHIM CHUMA M S0432/0119/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
44 TUMSIFU AYUBU SWAI M P4016/0069/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
45 VERONICA CLEMENT MALUGU F S0218/0111/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
46 YABES PHABIAN NDOBHEWE F S5163/0079/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
47 YUSUPH STEPHANO KILEZU M S0965/0298/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
48 ZAINABU J NTAHO F S4516/0060/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
1 ABDALLAH   RAMADHAN M S1333/0053/2015 BEECE Confirmed
2 ANNASTAZIA S COSMAS F S1664/0003/2016 BEECE Confirmed
3 ASHA GODFREY MAKONGANYA F S1180/0006/2014 BEECE Confirmed
4 AZARIA M NYABULULU M S0712/0072/2016 BEECE Confirmed
5 BARNABAS M MAWALA M P0948/0011/2016 BEECE Confirmed
6 BENHADAD M JOHN M S3472/0038/2014 BEECE Confirmed
7 BONIFASI SENGE NGAA M S2190/0030/2016 BEECE Confirmed
8 DEOGRATIAS   WILLIAM M S0686/0047/2008 BEECE Confirmed
9 DEVID   GEORGE M P2539/0041/2016 BEECE Confirmed
10 DICKSON N MAGEE M S3598/0054/2016 BEECE Confirmed
11 DOTO   NSULWA M S2272/0060/2010 BEECE Confirmed
12 ELFRIDA   JOSEPHAT F S2423/0009/2016 BEECE Confirmed
13 ELIHURUMA J BAYO M S0533/0118/2013 BEECE Confirmed
14 EMMANUEL RICHARD JILALA M S2982/0008/2016 BEECE Confirmed
15 EPHRAIM ERNEST NKONGO M P0725/0052/2016 BEECE Confirmed
16 FURAHA   PATERY F S3369/0004/2014 BEECE Confirmed
17 GERVAS   NDAKI M S4379/0134/2015 BEECE Confirmed
18 GLORIA J ELISANTE F P1615/0013/2016 BEECE Confirmed
19 GLORY JOSEPH NGOWI F S0371/0011/2016 BEECE Confirmed
20 HABIBU FADHILI KANIKI M S0714/0087/2016 BEECE Confirmed
21 HAMIS   HAMAD M S3274/0098/2016 BEECE Confirmed
22 HAPPYNESS FROLENCE LYAPI F S0285/0049/2016 BEECE Confirmed
23 HUSSEN REVOCATUS MKUNGU M P0333/0202/2016 BEECE Confirmed
24 ISAKA E MKONDYA M S1931/0116/2015 BEECE Confirmed
25 IVON G PALLANGYO F P1198/0015/2016 BEECE Confirmed
26 IVONAH   JOEL F S0667/0047/2016 BEECE Confirmed
27 JANE A MTINANGE F S4048/0030/2013 BEECE Confirmed
28 JOSEPH GOODLUCK KILEO M P1110/0280/2017 BEECE Confirmed
29 JOSEPH JADI BYANGWAMU M S4424/0015/2016 BEECE Confirmed
30 JOSEPHAT   FORTUNATUS M S2268/0083/2013 BEECE Confirmed
31 JOYCE PRAYGOD MNDEME F S1109/0012/2016 BEECE Confirmed
32 JUMA HOSSENI LUKOMBO M S1952/0059/2015 BEECE Confirmed
33 JUMA   ATHUMAN M S1251/0060/2013 BEECE Confirmed
34 LULU EMANUEL KISUKE F S2466/0021/2015 BEECE Confirmed
36 MAGDALENA J MOSHI F S1597/0043/2010 BEECE Confirmed
37 MAIMUNA H MOHAMED F S0274/0019/2016 BEECE Confirmed
38 MICHAEL EDWARD KIRIA M S0474/0090/2013 BEECE Confirmed
39 MPANDUJI SAFARI ABEL M S2791/0064/2016 BEECE Confirmed
40 MUSA ABUSHEHE MZIMBIRI M S4462/0055/2016 BEECE Confirmed
42 NDUAYO K ERNEST M S2860/0168/2016 BEECE Confirmed
43 NEEMA KHAMIS MANYAMA F S2268/0030/2016 BEECE Confirmed
44 OLVARI   ALBANO M P1223/0049/2016 BEECE Confirmed
45 PASCHAL WAHARO SULLE M S0874/0111/2010 BEECE Confirmed
46 PHILIPO LUCAS SENGEMA M S1608/0320/2013 BEECE Confirmed
47 PRISCA BARONGO RWABUGANDA F P1482/0038/2017 BEECE Confirmed
48 RHODA ROGASIAN LEONARD F S2888/0037/2015 BEECE Confirmed
49 RICHARD A MWAIFWAMI M S0472/0204/2013 BEECE Confirmed
50 SADOCK ADRAM MOSES M S4308/0031/2015 BEECE Confirmed
51 SAMUEL JOHN SAMSONI M S3161/0055/2015 BEECE Confirmed
52 SARAH M MASOLWA F S2515/0063/2013 BEECE Confirmed
53 SHARIFA ABTWALBU HOSSENI F S4334/0068/2016 BEECE Confirmed
54 SIMON JULIUS HOUSEIN M S2251/0036/2015 BEECE Confirmed
55 SIMON   HERMAN M S1099/0146/2013 BEECE Confirmed
56 STEPHANO N ITALA M S2385/0047/2015 BEECE Confirmed
57 SYLIACUS   CHRISTOPHER M S3801/0037/2015 BEECE Confirmed
58 VERONICA   SELESELE F S0285/0125/2016 BEECE Confirmed
59 WAMBUGA N GEORGE M S2036/0044/2015 BEECE Confirmed
60 WISTON E KUTTA M S1210/0207/2004 BEECE Confirmed
61 YANINI S KAFILAMENO M S1643/0061/2016 BEECE Confirmed
1 ABDUL H SAID M S0836/0168/2015 LL.B Confirmed
2 ABUBAKARI ISSA JUMANNE M P0804/0044/2013 LL.B Confirmed
3 AGNES MAGOMA EDWARD F S3282/0001/2016 LL.B Confirmed
4 AGNESS A MAGANIGANI F S4210/0001/2016 LL.B Confirmed
5 ALEX GEORGE MWARIA M S5097/0034/2016 LL.B Confirmed
6 ALFRED   ALISTIDES M S0841/0111/2016 LL.B Confirmed
7 AMIRI A SALIMU M S4090/0160/2013 LL.B Confirmed
8 ASHURA TAUSI JAWADU F S3241/0007/2016 LL.B Confirmed
9 BARAKA K SULEMAN M S1737/0062/2013 LL.B Confirmed
10 BARKE AHMED BINTASH F S0622/0014/2016 LL.B Confirmed
11 BARTON GEORGE OMIYA M P0147/0168/2017 LL.B Confirmed
12 BENSON   BURCHAD M S2119/0050/2016 LL.B Confirmed
13 CALORY L STEPHANO M S2596/0030/2016 LL.B Confirmed
14 CAPTOLINA S MICHAEL F S4608/0002/2016 LL.B Confirmed
15 CAREN FORTUNATUS CHUWA F P0134/0010/2017 LL.B Confirmed
16 CATHERINE JOSEPH IKHULA F S0663/0012/2016 LL.B Confirmed
18 CORNELIUS CHARLES PALLANGYO M S0474/0066/2016 LL.B Confirmed
19 DAVID NORBET LEMA M S0635/0042/2016 LL.B Confirmed
20 DAVID PATRICK MWAKALOBO M S0156/0086/2016 LL.B Confirmed
21 DENNIS   MAGOMA M S2720/0017/2010 LL.B Confirmed
22 DENNIS   GOODLUCK M S0302/0256/2015 LL.B Confirmed
23 DORIKA MANYAMA PATROBA F S2076/0005/2016 LL.B Confirmed
24 EDSON   KOMBA M S1292/0069/2014 LL.B Confirmed
25 ELNESS EUSTACE RICHARD F S0482/0020/2016 LL.B Confirmed
26 EMMANUEL LAZARO LYATUU M S3524/0022/2017 LL.B Confirmed
27 EVA JACOB MATHEW F S1235/0022/2016 LL.B Confirmed
28 EVANGELINA NAONAWELU MLUA F S2780/0041/2014 LL.B Confirmed
29 EXAUDI O MATURO M P4014/0095/2017 LL.B Confirmed
30 FARAJI   ADAM M EQ2019000749/2016 LL.B Confirmed
31 FEDRICK P CHAFUMBWE M S3149/0034/2010 LL.B Confirmed
32 GIDEON HENRY KASIGARA M S1405/0031/2016 LL.B Confirmed
33 GLORIA MATHIAS MADONDOLA F P4689/0035/2017 LL.B Confirmed
34 GRACE ZACHARIA GIMUGU F S4899/0015/2016 LL.B Confirmed
35 HELENA FRANK MADEGA F P1495/0022/2016 LL.B Confirmed
36 HIDAYA M KAPALA F S0781/0060/2015 LL.B Confirmed
37 HILLARY WAZAEL NTUNDU M S1792/0043/2016 LL.B Confirmed
38 IRINE GERALD LASWAY F S0813/0027/2016 LL.B Confirmed
39 ISSA RAMADHANI SAIDI M S2172/0085/2016 LL.B Confirmed
40 JACOB S NKUNGU M S1375/0187/2013 LL.B Confirmed
41 JACQUELINE FABIAN FELIX F S0284/0039/2016 LL.B Confirmed
42 JAMES S MANGINARE M S1212/0045/2011 LL.B Confirmed
43 JEREMIAH   OSCAR M P4960/0060/2017 LL.B Confirmed
44 JOHN P MLELWA M S0117/0023/2007 LL.B Confirmed
45 JOVIN   ELIAS M S0313/0099/2016 LL.B Confirmed
46 JULIETH JOHNSON ULOMI F S0262/0038/2016 LL.B Confirmed
47 JUMA A SUNGURA M S0316/0230/2016 LL.B Confirmed
48 JUMA   SALUMU M P4960/0076/2017 LL.B Confirmed
49 KAREENHELEN B NAHASHON F S2153/0021/2016 LL.B Confirmed
50 KARIM ALLY MBALIGWA M S4827/0125/2016 LL.B Confirmed
51 KISULA MABULA SHINDANO M S2243/0086/2016 LL.B Confirmed
52 KRISMAN   EDWARD M S0609/0104/2015 LL.B Confirmed
53 KULWA   SAMWEL F S0173/0015/2008 LL.B Confirmed
54 KURAISH FADHIL KURAISH M P0841/0063/2017 LL.B Confirmed
55 LIGHTNESS MELAYEKI KIRIVAI F S1442/0086/2016 LL.B Confirmed
56 LILIAN PAUL NGATOLA F S0389/0052/2016 LL.B Confirmed
57 MAKARIOS O MDEGELLAH M S0184/0067/2005 LL.B Confirmed
58 MAKENZII MATOGOLO MAKENZI M S0439/0069/2010 LL.B Confirmed
59 MALAKI M RUZIORI M S2907/0150/2015 LL.B Confirmed
60 MANYAMA SYRIVESTA MASHAKA M S1312/0083/2016 LL.B Confirmed
61 MARIA NYABUHOLO JASSON F S1153/0053/2016 LL.B Confirmed
62 MARY MAGOBE LUCAS F S4443/0011/2016 LL.B Confirmed
63 MICHAELY SAMWELY MEDIDING M S0302/0300/2016 LL.B Confirmed
64 MIKA   MICHAEL M S2810/0053/2016 LL.B Confirmed
65 MOHAMEDI MUSA SOLOKA M S2126/0097/2012 LL.B Confirmed
66 MOHAMEDI   ISSA M S2198/0059/2014 LL.B Confirmed
67 MONICA GILBERT DAVID F S3561/0085/2016 LL.B Confirmed
68 MUHUNDA JAMES MAGWE M S0343/0064/2015 LL.B Confirmed
69 MUSSA E SELEMAN M S1142/0016/2016 LL.B Confirmed
70 MWAJUMA TAUBE HOSENI F S1952/0009/2016 LL.B Confirmed
71 NDETANA PETER LYIMO M S2327/0213/2013 LL.B Confirmed
72 NEEMA MSAFIRI NONI F S1354/0017/2016 LL.B Confirmed
73 NEMBRIS   SANARE F P0938/0326/2018 LL.B Confirmed
74 NICKSON RICHARD URIO M S3034/0094/2016 LL.B Confirmed
75 NYABITA M KIBINDA F S1622/0049/2014 LL.B Confirmed
76 NYAMBULI P RUFUTA F S2119/0037/2016 LL.B Confirmed
77 RACHEL MINGAH MAYALA F S4049/0014/2014 LL.B Confirmed
78 RAHMA OMMARY MPAKA F S4592/0089/2016 LL.B Confirmed
79 REHEMA ALLY GODI F S0751/0046/2016 LL.B Confirmed
80 SABATO J MASIAGA M S0788/0070/2016 LL.B Confirmed
81 SAIDA A GOHA F S4617/0047/2016 LL.B Confirmed
82 SAIMON MAGEZI RUTAUGA M P0345/0143/2018 LL.B Confirmed
83 SALOME AYUBU NZALAWAHE F P1378/0212/2016 LL.B Confirmed
84 SARAH CHENGE SHILATU F S0932/0053/2016 LL.B Confirmed
85 SEKEI NYANDA MAZOYA M S2792/0095/2016 LL.B Confirmed
86 SHABAN A SALEH M S0737/0032/2002 LL.B Confirmed
87 SHADRACK   PHILIPO M S1856/0057/2016 LL.B Confirmed
88 SHAFII RAMADHANI DAJI M S4070/0029/2016 LL.B Confirmed
89 SHANNON SCOTT MOLLEL F S2180/0046/2016 LL.B Confirmed
90 SHARIFU BARUANI AMRI M S2316/0023/2016 LL.B Confirmed
91 SOFIA KOKUIGANISA FAUSTINE F S0764/0046/2016 LL.B Confirmed
92 SOPHIA ISSADIN SWALEHE F S0729/0033/2016 LL.B Confirmed
93 STELLA J NDENJE F S2516/0038/2016 LL.B Confirmed
94 SUDI S MJATA M S4793/0016/2016 LL.B Confirmed
95 TAUSI ZACHARIA MOHAMED F S3725/0109/2013 LL.B Confirmed
96 TIMON SEMU NASSARI M S0635/0076/2016 LL.B Confirmed
97 TUMPE   MWAIJUMBA F S4071/0034/2015 LL.B Confirmed
98 UPENDO CLEMENT NASSARY F S1150/0037/2014 LL.B Confirmed
99 VENANCE EMMANUEL DULLE M S0198/0085/2016 LL.B Confirmed
100 VICTA BWIRE MTUTU M S2049/0052/2016 LL.B Confirmed
101 VICTOR ELISANTE MAREALLE M S0504/0134/2016 LL.B Confirmed
102 WILBRODI RENSON LEMA M P4396/0241/2016 LL.B Confirmed
103 WILFRED THOMAS ERRO M S0635/0077/2016 LL.B Confirmed
104 WILHELMI VALENTINE TESHA M S0508/0106/2016 LL.B Confirmed
105 WINFRIDA FRUMENCE MUSHI F S0207/0109/2016 LL.B Confirmed
106 WYCLIF   GOSBERT M S0482/0075/2014 LL.B Confirmed